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All vehicles listed on UK Car Imports are physically located in the UK, our Auction Buyer Service can help you bring one home

Auction Buyer Service

Buy your next car direct from the UK with UK Car Imports

We now offer trade prices to our retail customers as well as our trade partners.

Using our trade accounts and our team you can bid for and buy your new car in the UK at trade prices.

Our unique service provides more information on each car than any other retailer and by far the best prices.

Our Gaurantee we will refund you the price of the car if there is a significant issue*

*A significant issue is one where the car description in the listed items in the condition or mechanical reports is not reflective of the actual items described. Have a read through our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our Guarantee

Buying with UK Car Imports

Step 1: The Details

Vehicles on UK Car Imports are physically located in the UK and are due to be sold at auction in the UK in the coming days and weeks

  • The price advertised includes the auction price only. That is the 'Book' price of the car.

  • Check the Auction Date first, the auction date is located beside the price in the car lists. If the auction day is today then its too late!

  • We can accomodate a bid on cars going to auction as early as tomorrow.

  • Review the condition and/or mechanical reports on each car to see the quality on offer.

  • If you require an advanced inspection, you can book one of our professionals for €200 to provide a report to help you decide if you want to bid and at what price.

  • We provide a free inspection report covering the vehicle information in the mechanical and condition reports making sure you understand the relevance and any potential costs of each item identified, just send a 'Request more Information' email and we will provide the details. Our experience will help you to make the best decision.

  • We provide a car transporter service to Dublin for €400, or you may decide to collect the car yourself.

  • To help in the process, we will confirm the VRT due, though registration of the vehicle in Ireland and payment of VRT will be your own responsibility.

  • We can provide VRT registration services for €99.

There is no charge for bidding should the car go above budget, only pay our margin fee of €295 following a succesful bid.

Step 2: Making a Decision

A vehicle history report from HPI will be provided following a deposit in advance of your decision to purchase an auction vehicle* Our advice is to choose a few options to bid on when you make your deposit to account for variations in final selling prices, that way you have more opportunities to buy at or hopefully below budget.

Prices are based on established and predictable UK book prices, however, fluctuations do occur, to secure an auction purchase, a reserve may be required to account for such variations in the auction price. If you wish to include a reserve please let us know well in advance of bidding. 'Book' value works well for high volume cars, it can be 'off' for higher spec vehicles especially in white.

On the 'up' side prices can be lower than 'Book' and often are in my recent experience. The Auction Buyer Service ensures you keep any savings! Whatever the price, we never bid above the budget you have set. We will forward the auction house invoice and you will only pay the amount on the invoice. An independent hard copy of the invoice is provided with the car by the auction house providing total transparency.

A major change from our retail model allowing us to provide trade prices, is the move to a trade model where the client pays the auction house directly.

We can try and bid on as many cars as you like with a given budget, once its realistic!

Your confirmation to purchase in advance of bidding will confirm that you are happy with the condition/mechanical reports or the inspection report provided by a member of our team along with the comprehensive history check we provide.

Step 3: Making a Bid

One of our team will complete the bidding online, where an inspection has been arranged then the inspector will complete the bidding in the auction hall. You are invited to attend our office to view the bidding process, this way you will see the final hammer price for yourself.

  • Make a deposit of €1,000 to bid, a €2,000 deposit maybe required for high value vehicles, we will let you know if the greater deposit is required in advance of bidding.

  • Confirm your budget by email including any reserve you wish to include.

  • Our fee of €295 is only due in the event of a successful bid.

  • Once a successful bid is made, we will send you the Auction House Invoice.

  • You will need to complete payment to the auction house on that day, not forgetting it takes 2-3 days to clear in a UK bank.

  • Late payment, beyond 3 days, may incur storage charges of upto €30 per day from the auction house.

  • The car cannot be collected before payment clears.

Your deposit, will be returned, minus our fee and the cost of the history check*. Once payment is made in reasonable time there will be no storage charges. Storage charges would be taken from the deposit if they arise.

*The HPI history check costs €25

There is no charge for an unsuccessful bid as mentioned above.

Step 4: Optional Extra’s

  • We can provide a car inspection report for €200, this charge is due in any event as the costs are fixed for us.

  • Our comprehensive 12 month warranty policy is available for €295.

  • Transport by car transporter to Dublin costs €400.

  • We can complete VRT registration for €99.

Details of each service are explained in the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page.

We provide Finance for UK car purchases, read the Frequently Asked Questions section to find out how that works.

Trade-ins - We offer an Auction Buyer Service and while we are authorised car dealers, the auction buyer service is intended to provide the best value in used cars, there is no margin to offer a trade in service. There are many companies that will purchase your current car from you, companies we have used and found very helpful include Belgard Sales or Cars Bought for Cash or Cash For Your Car or Cars Online

Ideally, you could organise to have your current car collected at our premises by one of the companies above when collecting your new car.

Why Buy with us?

Buying 'online' is new for the car industry, at least in Ireland. Here are some reasons to grab the opportunity with both hands!

  • Our prices are better than even the cheapest retail cars in the UK or Ireland. You are buying from the place that UK and Irish dealers buy their stock.

  • Our service covers the UK so you don't have to, saving you time and avoiding the stress.

  • No other company offers as much information about the condition and mechanics of their cars. There are no hidden surprises with our vehicles

  • We offer our authorised dealer backed warranty that means you can buy from the UK and have all the benefits of an Irish dealer to stand over the vehicle in case of an issue.

  • We offer finance to Irish car buyers buying from the UK for the first time

  • We offer fully insured transport from the UK, helping you save time and hassle getting insured and taxed and protecting your investment

  • We can help ensure you have the correct VRT calculation, getting that wrong can be a nightmare!

  • We can register the car for you and give money saving guidance around the whole VRT process

  • Our inspectors have over 70 years experience buying vehicles at auction between them, they will save you the trip to the UK and give you a more informed opinion than you could provide yourself!

  • With our guidance on auction information you can make the smartest possible investment in a new car from the UK with all the advantages of buying one at home but with a significant saving

  • Get looking by clicking on the button below and save yourself time and money!

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