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Car Auction Buyer Service

Buy your new used car online from the UK through our Car Auction Buyer Service

We offer consistently lower prices across all major makes and models when compared to Irish and UK retail prices.

With 20,000 cars to pick from on any given day and 3,000 cars sold daily with 3,000 new options to replace them we have a choice of upto 90,000 unique vehicles a month

As Authorised Car Dealers we have trade accounts with all major UK Car Auction Houses including British Car Auctions and Manheim Auctions, allowing us access to top quality fleet vehicles at trade prices. As we are volume buyers you benefit from reduced Car Auction House fees and an online buying facility.

Each vehicle comes with a including a recording of mileage and all technical findings at each test, a comprehensive Car Auction House Condition Report and most come with Mechanical reports provided by authorised car inspectors such as the AA. Our team of professional inspectors can provide further pre-purchase insight into the vehicle condition.

With our HPI trade account we can provide the most comprehensive history check available on UK vehicles.

Providing accurate VRT estimates and price guidance our clients are fully informed ahead of bidding.

We can help you as much or as little as you need with our range of service options.

We aim to offer a uniquely transparent service by providing original Car Auction House invoices in electronic and hard copy format and with the technical capacity to record live bidding, including the final hammer price, on request.

We now take Trade-ins through our

We also offer a unique on the purchase of UK cars through our Car Auction Buyer Service.

Finance is also available on our Cars in Stock in Ireland, this is our traditional local car business

To view vehicles going to auction in the days and weeks ahead click Search All Vehicles now.

How to buy through our Car Auction Buyer Service

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The Details


Making a Bid





The Details

You can view our online UK Auction Cars under Search All Vehicles. All are due for auction in the UK at British Car Auctions or Manheim Auctions in the coming days and weeks. The price advertised is the UK 'Book' price in € of the car, click on the link to learn about real time book values and how they are calculated.

Check the Auction Date which is located beside the price in the car lists. If the auction date is tomorrow we can help, if it's today then unfortunately it's too late! We can help you review the condition and/or mechanical reports. We will also confirm the VRT due and offer price guidance. While BOOK prices are a faithful guide, high demand vehicles or relatively rare cars can push prices higher, so rather than waste your time we will offer our professional opinion on the market price for the car you wish to bid on. Just click on 'Request more Information' and the details of the car will come directly to us.

We also have Cars in Stock, these vehicles are located at our premises in Baldoyle and represent our traditional car retail sales business.

Get the full MOT history here on any UK registered car. A unique and independent service provided by the UK Government, showing the recorded mileage at each annual MOT inspection and providing details of the findings on each inspection. By comparison NCT information is not publically available for buyers of Irish registered cars. Combining MOT history with a Condition Report, Mechanical Report and Service history provides a level of transparency not available from any other company in the car industry.

We also have a team of Professional Inspectors ready to inspect before you buy. We recommend that our clients engage an inspector if they have any concerns or doubts.

Bidding is free at or above 'Book' price, chasing low bids is time consuming for me, taking hours to track and follow the bid on the day. We would recommend you heed our advice, it will save you time. There is still excellent value after including a reserve above BOOK for the majority of vehicles.

We offer a Trade-in Purchase Service for clients of our Car Auction Buyer Service. Our business model is to sell cars at trade prices to the public so please don't expect to sell your car to us at retail prices and buy through us at trade! We will offer a fair trade price to help you take advantage of the choice and prices available on our site and allowing us to efficiently and quickly sell your trade-in into the car trade.

Finance is now available to purchase a UK registered car through our Car Auction Buyer Service by using our 'Bridging Finance' concept. You can find out more here.

Our Car Auction Buyer Service provides total transparency with original invoices from the Auction Houses and a technical capacity to record our online bidding on request.

While a deposit is required to process a bid, in the event of an unsuccessful bid the deposit is refunded within 3 days.

Before proceeding to pick a vehicle remember that you will need to have funds in place to pay the Auction House Invoice at or within 2 days of a successful bid

We have an extensive Frequently Asked Questions library to help you learn more about our offer.

I have made a YouTube video for this step- if that helps - Click the Tutorial button below - Enjoy!

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Making a Decision

Now you know the details, the buying process is straight forward enough - Choose a car or cars, we will provide feedback as outlined in Step 1, make a deposit & set a budget, have funds in place to pay for the car, decide which service options you would like and then sit back and wait for delivery. Here are some thoughts while making your decision.

A vehicle history report from HPI can be provided following a deposit, this history check is provided at a cost price of €15. We recommend completing a history check with us or yourself, no matter where you buy, the more informed you are the better the decision you will make.

As BOOK prices are a guide we will recommend a 'reserve' the amount will depend on the car. While BOOK value works well for high volume cars, because it works on averages it can be 'off' for higher value, rare, Grade 1, bespoke vehicles with main dealer service history and a clean MOT history especially in white for example. If you are hoping to get a car below book then pick a standard specification make/model, Grade 3 or 4 with a part service history if your priority is purely price.

UK cars remain competitively priced, however, you should do your own research if you are not sure. For many the higher specification and greater choice and quality on offer are often equally as important as the savings that are still to be made. Our clients are more informed when making a decision with Condition, Mechanical, VRT and MOT information and make no mistake our prices are consistently the lowest on offer, for every one competitively priced car on Autotrader or Donedeal we have 10 at and below that price.

To bid with us we do require a deposit and a budget, in the event of an unsuccessful bid the deposit will be refunded unless you wish for us to hold on to bid on a second car.

Our business model continues to migrate towards a virtual market place allowing us to reduce costs and increase value. While most of our customers have never meet us before buying, we are more than happy to meet in advance to put a face to the business.

If you prefer to listen rather than read I have made a YouTube video for this step - Click the Tutorial button below - Enjoy!

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Making a bid

Once you have decided to go ahead bidding is the fun bit! Email us confirming the deposit has been made and the budget, as time can be pressing you can forward a screen shot of the online deposit if the auction is the next day to allow us to process the bid. The deposit is €1,000 for a car upto €20,000, and €2,000 deposit above that, for some higher priced vehicles we may require a larger deposit. We will discuss this in advance if it's relevant.

The day before the auction we will confirm the time we expect the car to go through, we will also confirm the progress of our inspector, if you have booked one, and a time at which they will be in contact with you ahead of the auction. One of our team will complete the bidding online, where an inspection has been arranged then the inspector will complete the bidding in the auction hall.

We are generally quite accurate in our price guidance however, sometimes a bid can be won with an extra £100. Often we will go the extra £100 above budget and the reason is down to experience, everytime we have had to bid that bit more our client has been happy with the outcome as it doesn't affect the value on offer. If this is not something for you and the budget is quite strict to £100 then please advise us in advance.

There is no charge for an unsuccessful bid.

If you prefer to listen rather than read I have made a YouTube video for this step - Click the Tutorial button below - Enjoy!

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Successful Bids

Following a successful bid we will let you know ASAP. The Auction House Invoice email will be sent to us by close of business and we will forward that to you with contact details for our Foreign Exchange facility with Internation FX. As the payment is in Sterling you will need to set up an exchange account to process the payment. There are alot of FX providers however, we would recommend that you use International FX as they offer the best rates and real time feedback to us which helps avoid delays in communicating when funds have cleared and allows me to book transport earlier avoiding late storage fees.

You will need to process payment to the auction house on that day, if possible, not forgetting it takes 2-3 days to clear in a UK bank.

Late payment, beyond 3 days, may incur storage charges of upto €30 per day from the Auction House.

Your car cannot be collected before payment clears. We cannot book transport before the payment is cleared.

Your deposit, will be returned, minus our fee and the cost of the other serivces you might have ordered.

We do recommend that you heed our price guidance to improve the chances of a successful bid. In the event of an unsuccessful bid you should forward your IBAN and BIC to allow for the return of your deposit.


Service Options

Bidding at or above BOOK value is free of charge in the event of an unsuccessful bid. We can facilitate bidding below BOOK value for €50 a bid. In the event you have a successful bid under BOOK then the €50 fee will be subtracted from our Auction Buyer Fee of €295. In this way if you are right about the under BOOK bid you don't pay anymore and you get the benefit of a lower price.

Our comprehensive 12 month warranty policy is available for €295. You can read the various policies on offer here

Transport by car transporter to Dublin costs €400 from the UK midlands, from London and the South €450 and from Scotland €550.

Our history check with HPI is the best on offer for UK registered vehicles for €15 we can offer a check for warranted mileage against the UK National Mileage Register, history of being stolen or written off and outstanding finance. For an extra €5 we can provide a full specification check from the manufacturer for the exact car you are interested in, this will describe standard equipment and any extra's included when the car was ordered.

We can complete VRT registration for €99 which includes completion of registration forms, presentation of the vehicle and required documents at our local VRT centre, payment of the VRT (paid to us in advance) and attachment of license plates.

We can submit your new car for the NCT for €129 which includes the NCT fee (€55). NCT can only be completed after VRT registration and is a separate appointment from the VRT registration.

A full valet is available for €50.

In addition to paid services we also offer other services in our Bridging Finance offer and Trade-in Purchase Service.

If you prefer to listen rather than read I have made a YouTube video for this step - Click the Tutorial button below - Enjoy!

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If you have booked transport with us we will contact you as soon as we have a delivery date. Delivery times are 7-10 days and generally we are notified of a delivery 1-2 days in advance. We will provide documentation for the date of the entry of the car into the state in line with the requirements for VRT processing.

Once notified you should organise insurance using the UK number plate. Irish insurance companies will insure a UK registered car for upto 30 days to allow time for the VRT registration.

We would advise all clients to take advantage of our industry leading 12 month warranty, its a small investment for a worse case scenario. We have the lowest claim rate across all traders with our policies however the warranty is really meant for the exception and provides excellent value for the cover they offer. If you have purchased a policy we will require a name and address in advance of collection to have the polcy in place and the documents ready.

If you require VRT and/or NCT processing we will require payment of the VRT and/or NCT fee in advance. VRT appointments are upto 10 days and NCT will be another 5-7 days after that. More often than not, we receive cancellation slots to accelerate processing. If you do wish to take the car we are happy to collect in the Dublin area on the day of the VRT/NCT appointment. For your understanding the VRT and NCT appointments are separate events.

Important Resource Links

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Find out the standard UK Equipment specification per UK car

Full MOT (NCT) History For All Cars & Vans. Click below and fill in the Registration & Make.

Get the Emissions for any UK registered car here and use the table below to calculate the Road Tax.

Table of Irish Motor Tax Bands by CO2 Emissions.

Choose from Our Service Options

Protect your investment from 9 services to suit your needs.

All our services are carried out to the highest standards by professionals at competitive prices.

Why you should buy with our Car Auction Buyer Service

  • Our Car Auction Buyer Service provides you online access to trade price, high quality UK used cars, no one else offers this service or cars at these prices.

  • Our service covers the UK so you don't have to.

  • Full MOT history with every car, Condition report with every car, listed service history & Mechanical reports.

  • Our Client Protection Plans offer 2 levels of guarantee on your valuable investment.

  • Our Warranty means you can buy from the UK and have all the benefits of an Irish dealer to stand over the vehicle in the unlikely case of an issue.

  • We offer finance to Irish car buyers buying from the UK for the first time.

  • We offer fully insured transport from the UK, protecting your investment.

  • We are VRT experts and will confirm the VRT amount.

  • Our inspectors have over 70 years experience buying vehicles at auctions, they will save you the trip to the UK and give you a professional report to help you decide.

  • Our support services cover everything you need to make the right decision, save you time and protect your investment to the level you require.

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