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Trade in Service offering 'Cash for Cars' for customers of our Auction Buyer Service

We offer trade prices for trade ins. We sell trade ins through Irish car auctions. To value your vehicle please consult our guide on car prices at auction in Ireland here. Find a vehicle of similar age, specification and mileage to assess the value of your trade in.

1 - Select a car from our database by clicking into 'Search Auction Vehicles'

2 - Let us know the car you wish to bid on by clicking the 'Request More Information' button for that car. We can use our experience to help you set a budget at auction. Guide prices do vary depending on the car.

3 - Once you have set a budget with us for the car you wish to buy at auction then fill out the details of your trade-in vehicle below and we will come back in 24 hours if we can, with an offer.

4 - We will make an offer based on your details. NCT, service record and log book are essential. We might also request a local mechanic to verify the condition. You can use the amount offered towards your car at auction.

5 - If your bid is successfull you pay us the balance. Then drop in your trade in to us when collecting your new car.