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Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Owner and Managing Director

I have a BSc in Molecular Genetics and Pharmacology from UCD and a Doctorate in Pharmacology from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Before setting up UK Car Imports, I spent 14 years in the area of sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals on the Irish Market. The last 4 years as Managing Director of Daiichi Sankyo Ireland, a Japanese company in the top 20 of Global Pharmaceutical sales. Look me up on LinkedIn.

Our reputation is important to us, ethics and integrity are basic necessities in modern business. It takes years to gain a reputation and minutes to lose it. In short we do what we say we will do. We believe in taking responsibility, and we do things the right way. Our business depends on it.

Some words about UK Car Imports

Incorporated in July 2013 our company has grown over 5 years to become the largest import specialist in Ireland. In the financial year 2017 our sales exceeded €1,500,000 for the first time. Year to date 2018 our sales have already exceeded €2,000,000. Our success as a specialist importer is due mainly to price and service. Our website platform ukcarimports.ie is state of the art with a number of unique features. Our VRT program is a first and UK Car Imports remains the only platform with VRT added as standard for UK used cars, allowing potential buyers to view the full price when making a decision. Our unique condition and mechanical inspection reports provide specialist appraisal of the vehicles on our website. These reports are completed by third party professionals with no influence from the owner of the vehicle, protecting you and your investment.

Market trends suggest a bright future for technology driven sales of used cars across the globe, some even suggest it heralds the end of the dominance of forecourt sales. Macro developments like BREXIT’s effect on sterling has helped our business in the short term. With sterling so weak it’s surprising anyone buys in Ireland given the savings made by sourcing a UK used car. If sterling should strengthen then we expect Irish second hand car prices to rise also, thus maintaining the relative price advantage of importing a UK second hand vehicle. Unfortunately the prospect of a hard BREXIT would cause custom duties on cars imported from outside the EU to apply to UK vehicles and this could well be the last window to snap up a bargin before th

Many if not most of the used vehicles on the Irish market today are imported by Irish traders from the UK. They add on a margin so if the cost price of UK used cars goes up due to stronger sterling then so will prices on Irish car dealers forecourts. So used cars from the UK have always been cheaper regardless of the strength of sterling. Price, choice and the ease of buying online will grow our market share of the used car market in Ireland. By 2020 we expect to service 5% of the market for imported UK used cars. Our innovation provides quality inspected UK used cars at the right price.

Some facts about UK Car Imports

Accurate VRT included in the Price
Best prices in Ireland
Working for you since 2013
Annual turnover of more than €2,000,000 in 2018
Providing unique condition and mechanical reports
Our online platform is leading the industry in providing more information on each car and making it easier to access lower prices from the comfort of your own home. No pushy sales car salesman required!

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