Buying a car from the UK during the Covid-19 outbreak

Who would have thought just 3 months ago that the vehicle retail industry would have bigger concerns than Brexit or the new NOx charge or even the death of the diesel? Just as you thought it was safe to get back in the water to buy a car then a pandemic comes along putting everything […]
By Richard Smith

New Nitrogen Oxide Levy on 1st January 2020

Following budget 2020 the dept of finance will introduce a nitrogen oxide (NOx) levy on all vehicles on first registration in Ireland. All new and used vehicles registered for the first time on Irish plates will be subject to a maximum tax of €600 on petrol vehicles and €4,850 on diesel vehicles. The specific amount […]
By Richard Smith

A ‘no-deal’ Brexit and the Irish car market

Update – 31st January 2020 – UK officially leaves the EU Symbolic and legal point of no return as the UK officially leaves the UK at 11 GMT tonight. In practice little changes until the 1st of Jan 2021 when the transition period ends. Of course this deadline, like all to-date, may not survive to […]
By Richard Smith