Buying a car from the UK during the Covid-19 outbreak

Update – 11th of April 2020 – COVID 19 restrictions to be extended

As the UK and Ireland move to extend Covid-19 restrictions please be advised that all UK garages will remain closed until further notice for at least another 3 weeks. While its possible for us to take a deposit on a vehicle we will not be in a position to inspect or transport that vehicle until UK garages reopen.

While all UK retail garages are closed, Auction vehicles are available to buy online and you can use the mechanical and condition reports listed to review the vehicle state of health to help you decide. Auction vehicles are labelled. If you do wish to proceed on an auction vehicle or place a deposit on a non auction vehicle then simply forward the vehicle to us by clicking on ‘Place a Deposit’ and selecting the services you require. We will revert directly by email with the next steps.

COVID 19 restrictions put in place

Who would have thought just 3 months ago that the vehicle retail industry would have bigger concerns than Brexit or the new NOx charge or even the death of the diesel? Just as you thought it was safe to get back in the water to buy a car then a pandemic comes along putting everything into perspective. Of course Covid-19 represents a real threat to our health and way of life and my thoughts here are not meant in any way to belittle that.

For most of us, though, life goes on during these uncertain times, many will still need to replace old mechanically unfit vehicles for new or used cars. Garages and auctions remain open in the UK for now. Some like British Car auctions have moved to online sales only meaning you cannot turn up and buy in person and you must have an account to purchase online. For many would be buyers the logistics of getting to and from the UK with a purchase have become fraught with concern. Most airlines are on the brink of closing down, for the foreseeable future, mainly because of the consequences of social distancing on their margins. Getting a flight to or from the UK now carries considerable uncertainty, along with the health concerns of Covid-19 transmission in such a confined space and the associated concerns about travelling through airports and public transport to or from UK garages. Meanwhile the return journey has also become much more complex, Seatruck ferries have stopped all passenger accompanied transports and will only take unaccompanied vehicles on the Dublin-Liverpool sea crossing. Travelling for hours on a confined ferry or any ship has obvious health risks implicit.

Meanwhile sterling has collapsed falling from 0.83p in the € to 0.87p in the € – updated the 11th of April.

Many will wish to avail of the benefits of lower sterling and the cheaper prices for used cars it brings, most will not wish to take on such a trip with so much risk and uncertainty. For some choice is key and the UK offers options in abundance, combined with the current price advantage the opportunity is not one to be missed.

Our service provides access to the choice and prices available across the UK without the risk. Simply click on ‘Place a deposit’ for the vehicle you are interested in and select the services you require and collect in Dublin in less than 2 weeks.

By Richard Smith