Frequently Asked Questions

Buying used UK auction cars with UK Car Imports is easy. First, pick a UK used car going to auction from the 30,000 cars listed  Search All Auction Vehicles. UK Car Imports lists 1 million quality used UK cars per year so finding what you want will not take long. Let us know the car you want to buy by clicking on ‘Buy this Car’.

buying used UK auction cars with UK Car Imports: Pricing

Pricing is listed in four parts.  ‘Guide Price’, VRT estimate, Transport and Our Fee. VRT on every UK used car on UK Car Imports is automatically listed. Our VRT algorithm is unique and no other site lists VRT on UK used cars. The Auction Guide Price is not a fixed price therefore you will need a flexible budget when buying top quality cars. The best cars on UK Car Imports are condition graded 1,2 or 3 with clear mechanical reports, a full service history and an MOT in place. Bidders will pay more than Guide Price for the better cars. In our preparatory advice we will provide a recommended maximum budget based on the quality of the vehicle.

buying used UK auction cars with UK Car Imports: Choosing

Pick the used UK car, on UK Car Imports, you want to bid on and then send it to us by clicking on ‘Buy this Car’. We review the MOT history, Condition & Mechanical inspection reports and service history. We also check the VRT amount is correct and in addition we recommend a maximum budget. A deposit will be required to bid. The deposit amount depends on the price of the vehicle. Ranging from €1,000 for a vehicle up to €20,000 in price to €3,000 for a vehicle over €30,000 in value. The deposit is returned in full in the event of an unsuccessful bid.

buying used UK auction cars with UK Car Imports: Bidding

With the deposit in place and a maximum budget set we can then bid. We bid online on your behalf. Bidding prices start low and go higher with each bid much as any other item at auction. The number of bidders depends on the quality of the car therefore the better the quality the more bidders and the more they will pay. We will bid up to the maximum budget + £100 in order to secure a car. This strategy reflects previous experience with unsuccessful bids and buyer disappointment losing a car over £100. Using this approach our success rate at auction is around 90%.

buying used UK auction cars with UK Car Imports: Payment

Following a successful bid we will notify you by email and will include the price the vehicle sold for. Later that day we will forward our invoice, the balance due takes your deposit into account. Payment of the balance is due within 3 days. Once we receive payment we will forward funds to the auction house where the vehicle was purchased, after which we can book transport.

buying used UK auction cars with UK Car Imports: Delivery

The delivery ‘window’ is 10-14 days following the date of payment. Collection is by appointment at our premises in Baldoyle. We provide flexible collection times and a collection service from Sutton Dart Station or Dublin Airport during working hours if we are available. In addition late evening or weekend collections from our premises can be arranged where possible. We do provide storage for clients where necessary.

buying used UK auction cars with UK Car Imports: VRT Processing

We offer to complete registration. The documents required to complete registration of a UK used car/UK Car Import are very specific and we list the Revenue approved documents for you for a quick and simple process. Our fee is €99 for vehicle registration and this includes the attachment of your new Irish registration plate.

Both BCA and Manheim sell commercial vehicles from vans to pick up trucks. A commercial vehicle will have a ‘VAT’ amount listed under pricing in the database, this is how you will know which vehicles are commercial and which are not. If you or your company are VAT registered we can issue a VAT invoice for a purchased vehicle. This means you can reclaim the VAT paid in your VAT returns against VAT due from sales for instance, as you would with VAT on other purchases. For clarity, we cannot sell a vehicle excluding VAT as we must make our own returns but you can reclaim the VAT paid as described above.

If you are not VAT registered then you cannot reclaim VAT.

If you are VAT registered and have identified a commercial vehicle you wish to purchase, please send it on to us by clicking on ‘Buy This Car’ and stating that you are VAT registered.

Finally, to give an example to help you decide, if you bid at auction and buy a Ford Transit for €10,000 and VAT is a further €2,000 then you will pay €12,000 plus our fees, transport etc. W will issue you with a VAT invoice and then you can claim back the VAT through your normal VAT 3 returns process.

Used UK cars on UK Car Imports are located in the UK. The vehicles are sold across 30 auction centres belonging to British Car Auctions or Manheim Auctions. The used car database is a direct feed from these 2 main car wholesalers in the UK, Manheim Auctions and British Car Auctions. They sell 3,000 quality used UK cars a day, 6 days a week which means you have alot more choice than the 30,000 cars advertised on any given day. Both are multinationals with billions of £’s per year in turnover. Each provides transparent condition and mechanical inspection reports. Visit their sites through the links above, to find out more about their business.

Visit for daily additions, UK Car Imports has upto 3,000 new cars added daily. That’s 1 million cars sold every year through BCA and Manheim and every used car is available for purchase through UK Car Imports.

In fact there are more choices per year on than on or Donedeal.

The Condition and Mechanical reports are extremely reliable, we haven’t had anything significant ever differ, however, for total reassurance we Guarantee the car will arrive as described based on the Condition and/or the Mechanical Report. We advise all our clients to protect their investment with our 12 month warranty. Details of our warranty are given on our home page. The Condition & Mechanical reports offer a cost effective insight pre-purchase and we are the only retail platform to do so.

Absolutely not, the UK has treated fraud much more seriously over the years than has the Irish government. Knowingly selling a car that is clocked or a write off has been illegal in the UK since the introduction of the new Fraud Act in 2006.

Unlike Ireland the UK authorities implement these laws and there are many examples of car dealers and private individuals that have been prosecuted for selling clocked cars. Cartell draws attention to the difference in attitude to prosecuting car fraud in the UK vs Ireland here. Clocking was legal in Ireland up until Jan 15th 2014! Read the Irish Times here

Despite this no prosecutions have been brought against any dealer in Ireland to date.

In the UK they have the National Mileage Register (NMR) which is owned and run by HPI Ltd, this register contains over 140 million mileages for the UK car stock. Every time a history check is completed on a car the person requesting the history check must input the current mileage on the car, should a lower mileage, for example, be entered for a 3 year old car than was entered a 1 year before by another person buying a history check on that car then a warning is placed on the vehicle and an NMR check is required to remove the warning.

The NMR check will contact the other individuals that have input the different mileages to establish the facts and a report is then produced. This provides unique information to UK car buyers in advance of buying.

No such database exists for Irish cars.

Other methods of checking mileage include MOT and NCT records, in the UK a new car has its first MOT after 3 years, in Ireland the NCT only occurs after 4 years. UK cars appear on the system earlier than Irish cars which means they are easier to check.

It is much easier to clock a car with no records and again the risk in Ireland is mainly for new cars upto 4 years old, because there are no records of them to check against. In general there are much better systems in place to prevent car fraud in the UK than Ireland and the laws they have, are in place for longer and importantly, they are enforced. That doesn’t stop car clocking but it makes it much more difficult to do in the UK than Ireland.

Cartell and Motorcheck have spent a small fortune in marketing trying to scare the Irish public about UK Cars, this focus on UK Cars is groundless and if anything an Irish car provides a much greater risk. Marketing is not about facts but about selling car history checks! They do it very well!

Ask yourself, which system would you prefer to buy from, the Irish or UK system?

A VAT registered individual or company is entitled to claim VAT back on a company car or commercial vehicle. Details of the various scenario’s are given on the Revenue website. You cannot reclaim VAT on Commerical or used vehicles if not VAT registered. All commercials are ‘VAT Qualifying’ meaning you can reclaim the VAT back you paid, in your VAT returns, as you would for a receipt for Diesel. Some used passanger vehicles are also VAT Qualifying and the VAT registered individual can reclaim the VAT paid on these vehicles if it is to become a company car. For clarity you must first pay the VAT and then reclaim it through your VAT reclaims as you would a Diesel receipt. If you are a VAT registered company or person and plan to purchase a company car and can reclaim the VAT portion of the car then we can help. We can help you identify a VAT Qualifying car on our database and process the sale to provide you with a VAT invoice. You simply reclaim the VAT amount on the invoice we issue through your VAT 3 returns For example, you buy a BMW 520D, through us, for €40,000 of which €7,500 is VAT. You pay €40,000 upfront and then reclaim the €7,500 in your bi-monthly VAT 3 returns. Its that simple!

Manheim and British Car Auctions sell approximately 20,000 cars every 10 days to the retail trade from the UK and Ireland, the vast majority of vehicles are ex-lease vehicles, coming back after 3-5 years on lease to corporate clients. Part of the lease arrangement is the provision of maintenance. This means the cars are maintained to a higher level, many with full main dealer service histories. Ex-rentals are also resold through BCA and Manheim and you can determine this by the company selling the car listed under the auction date, if you are not familiar with rental companies then you can simply google the company listed for the car you are interested in to find out if they are a rental or lease company.

In short yes, as many as 25% of used car sales in the US are conducted online, many through Manheim Car Auctions parent organisation in the US. The ‘Condition’ and ‘Mechanical’ reports provided by BCA and Manheim on our site are unique, no other company provides such transparency, providing more information than a typical buyer would get from seeing the car in person. On top we now can provide the Full MOT history for every vehicle. The MOT is the UK equivalent of the NCT and the history includes a recording of the mileage at each MOT test and the mechanical findings at each test, all maintained on a UK government database. You can read a summary from a McKinsey Research report here. This level of information is not available from other sales platforms, even on main dealer forecourts. Better decisions are made with more information and its certainly better than kicking a tyre on a forecourt!

Our guidance to you is the same as we offer all our customers – dealers etc, or take indeed ourselves, pay close attention to the vehicle history. This can be viewed under ‘Equipment’ which sometimes includes the service history eg 3 srv – 3 main dlr – means the car has 3 services all at a main dealer. Service information can be found in the Manheim Condition report where the service history is listed. Carefully review the Condition reports to ensure you have observed all the documented wear and tear. The condition report can be extensive, make sure to read and observe each item, many are unremarkable in the context of viewing the car as a whole. Others are a matter of record and invisible, however, some can be very important, for example while chips on a windscreen are typical, a cracked windscreen should be included in the cost of an overall calculation. Having said that you have to be reasonable, you can’t expect a used car to be blemish free, stone chips on the bonnet, small scratches and dents are to be expected. Pay most attention to the mechanical report – the BCA Mechanical report is completed in conjunction with the AA or through the Manheim Assured check list. Indications of problems with the engine, gearbox or clutch can be expensive, similarly turbo noise will mean a new turbo, all such issues will be part of any mechanical report. My advice is to expect all boxes to be ticked except for the service indicator light , or the presence of a tyre inflation kit, one means the car needs a service and a tyre inflation kit can be bought cheaply on ebay. Next check the thread depth on the tyres, anything above 1.5mm is legal though you should look for 3mm at least. One tyre below that is not too bad but its a matter of cost, will 2 new tyres be a deal breaker? At these prices I would say not. Since October 2015 the UK government has made the MOT of all UK registered cars available on line. This new level of transparency means the history of the car is available to you to check mileage and test findings, you can complete a search on any of the vehicles on our site for free. By combining the MOT read out, Condition report, Mechanical report with a history check you can rest assured you know everything there is to know

Once we have the deposit in place then we can move immediately to bid on a car. The nature of wholesale is to sell alot of cars efficiently, so cars do not stay on the site for long. We often move to bid with less than a days notice. If the car is due to sell today then its probably too late. For cars due for auction tomorrow then all we need is a screenshot of the electronic transfer of the deposit to proceed.

Auction prices vary by their nature, however, each car make & model in the UK has a ‘Book’ valuation, we list this as the ‘Guide Price’. The value is based on the make, model, specification, age, mileage among other values for each car. While most buyers stop bidding once Book value is reached a Condition Grade 1,2 or 3 vehicle will often attract further bids pushing prices above the ‘Book’ or ‘Guide Price’. For that reason we recommend a maximum budget therefore including some flexibility in your budget by including a ‘reserve’ amount.

The Total price advertised includes the BOOK price (Guide Price) of the car which includes the Auction House fee. Also included is the VRT due on importation to Revenue, the Transport fee from the UK to Baldoyle and Our fee. A flexible approach to the budget is key to success at auction and having a reserve in place can get a result without materially effecting the value on offer.

The only necessary additional charge is our fee of €295, which is taken from the deposit once the car is purchased. Any other charges depend on which services you choose.

Despite our best efforts we have found it very difficult to meet the expectations on price for trade ins. We can’t offer retail prices for trade ins when our fees are structured the way they are. As a result we do not offer a trade in facility. Our advice is to sell your own car privately and get the best price possible and then avail of our service to get the best value on offer when buying your new car.

We can provide a 12 month warranty for €295 (Premium Powertrain Warranty), this is your way to guarantee your investment. Details of Warranty’s are given. We also Guarantee the car to arrive as per the description of the car in the ‘Condition’ and/or ‘Mechanical’ reports. So yes there is a guarantee when you purchase using our auction buyer service.

You can read extensively about the individual aspects covered by the Mapfre warranty portfolio here. There are a number of options, the Premium Max covers cars under 100Km’s and less than 6 years old for €395, the Premium Plus covers cars with upto 150,000 kms and less than 8 years old also for €395. Policies are available for cars with upto 250,000 km’s and upto 12 years old. Our standard policy is the Premium Powertrain cover and costs €295. We buy 100’s of warranty’s a year and when you buy with us you will enjoy the flexible approach afforded to a larger customer. We know how the warranty’s work best and we will advise you at every stage in the unlikely event of a problem with your vehicle.

We can provide a full VRT registration service for €99 and separately a NCT submission service for €129 (this includes the €55 NCT fee). A HPI history check is available for €15, and checks mileage, history of outstanding finance, being stolen or written off and for another €5 can include a manufacturer’s specification check which includes extra’s ordered by the original owner as well as the list of standard equipment for the specific vehicle. We provide a full car valet for €50

Once you have bought, paid for and transported the car back to Ireland, you should VRT the car within 30 days. Completing the VRT registration is not difficult but requires time and alot of documents. We can complete the various forms and advise you on the documents you need for registration, we offer a confirmation calculation of the VRT amount to be paid and book the VRT appointment. We offer very practical advice on how to deal with missing invoices, ferry tickets, UK log books etc. You will need to leave the car with us until the day of the appointment and make arrangements for the VRT amount to be paid to us in advance of the VRT appointment. Once the VRT is paid we will attach your new Irish number plates.

Each auction house uses an industry standard grading system to provide details to the trade buyer about the general condition of the car, remember many trade buyers buy stock online from all over the UK, so many never see the cars before they arrive on their forecourt. To find out specifics about the grading systems then have a look here for Manheim and here for British Car Auctions . Our experience with the grading system is that the level of grade is affected by the number of logged items. Many items are tiny and invisible but collect to push the grade lower. Grade 1 is nearly new in condition and the most sought after, Grade 1 vehicles always sell above book value. Grade 3 is the average, typically a well kept vehicle in good condition with minor wear and tear, honestly the best value vehicles to buy. Grade 4 are typically OK as well, if a little less loved, I have bought alot of Grade 4 vehicles that were as good as a grade 2 for the reason given above. Grade 5 usually means some significant body work to be done. We dont buy grade 5 and indeed we don’t list them on the site. For traders there is value in a Grade 5 vehicle when you have a mechanic and a bodyshop to add value to such vehicles.

Yes of course, we will review the vehicle based on the site information and offer an informed opinion with price guidance, unlike other car sales platforms, we have no vested interest in a given car, with approximately 20,000 to choose from we want to help you get the best deal. If you are happy you will tell others who might also use our service.

Always keep the registration of the vehicle you have been following. You can search for a car by typing the registration into the search window in the filter section. Remember to type the registration in without spaces eg WL60HDV. However, when a car has gone to auction it is removed from the site. Keep an eye on the auction date which is located beside the car price.

This can happen and it can be down to currency fluctuations, changes in UK Book prices or UK Auction House fees. The changes are automatically updated and accurate.

We provide automated VRT on the majority of cars listed Search All Auction Vehicles. Once you have decided to bid on a car we can manually confirm the VRT amount ahead of bidding.

Vehicle Registration Tax is calculated based on the CO2 emissions of the vehicle, the higher the CO2 the higher the percent of the car price is paid as tax. Newer cars tend to have lower emissions despite their greater price. View the link for more information.

In a word, no, the Revenue Commissioners keep a database of car prices that they update monthly, each car has an allocated price as determined by them. Its called the Current Open Market Selling Price (COMSP) and its listed in the VRT output.

Payment of the deposit is by electronic transfer only. You can find our bank details on the home page by clicking the green button with ‘Company Bank Details’ under the image for Car Auction Buyer Service – it’s the first image in the first slider –top of the home page. You can view these through this link.

Revenue update their database of car prices regularly and if the car you bought is worth more according to Revenue this month than last month then the amount of VRT to be paid increases. VRT is automatically allocated to most cars on site and this calculation is updated daily by direct reference to Revenue files on VRT. This provides the most upto date estimate of VRT available.

See here. The good news is you choose! If the motor tax for a Mar 2008 registered vehicle is cheaper based on engine size or emissions, its the cheapest of the 2 for any car in that 6 month period Jan-June 2008. Check out the motor tax based on engine size here and emissions here. For an imported vehicle you can choose which amount you want to pay. Like I said, good news!

You need to book a VRT appointment here. You will need to have the VRT amount as a bank draft, your PPSN your passport or driving license and a utility bill to the address you want to register the vehicle. We can do this for you if you wish. Once you have paid the VRT you will receive an Irish registration number in the VRT output the office will give you. You can have plates made up and fitted at any number of locations, FIRST STOP, Halfords etc. Again, don’t forget we offer a professional VRT registration service for €99 including completion of all documentation, delivery of the vehicle to the VRT office and return, plus attachment of plates.

From May 20th 2018, if you import a second hand vehicle from another EU Member State (UK for now!) which was tested on or after that date (20th May 2018) and the vehicle has a current EU Roadworthiness Certificate (MOT), you can have the unexpired portion of the certificate recognised by exchanging your out-of-state road worthiness certificate for an Irish issued EU recognition certificate (NCT). Please see a link to the new law on the interchangability between the MOT and NCT. Essentially this means you can exchange the MOT for an NCT certificate, hence changing the MOT cert to an NCT cert your vehicle will not need an NCT test until the current MOT expires.

From May 20th 2018, if you import a second hand vehicle from another EU Member State (UK for now!) which was tested on or after that date (20th May 2018) and the vehicle has a current EU Roadworthiness Certificate (MOT), you can have the unexpired portion of the certificate recognised by exchanging your out-of-state roadworthiness certificate for an Irish issued EU recognition certificate (NCT) Essentially this means you can exchange the MOT for an NCT certificate, hence changing the MOT cert to an NCT cert your vehicle will not need an NCT test until the current MOT expires.

Once the VRT is paid and registration complete you will receive a VRT output page which will contain your new Irish registration and the vehicle VIN. Go to and input the new Irish registration and last six digits of the VIN as the PIN and this will allow you access to pay your motor tax online. Just remember allow about 24-48 hours for the new license plate to migrate from the NCTS system to the motor tax system.

Once VRT is paid and the registration is complete, you should then pay your motor tax as described above. The Irish logbook will follow in the post soon after the tax disk. You will need the logbook before you can complete the NCT.

First of all, congratulations! The car is located at a Manheim or a BCA site in the UK. Our invoice will include all the details of the sale and a balance to be paid. Payment of the balance is to the same account as the deposit. Direct payments to us in sterling are possible. Once payment is complete the car is ready for transport.

Now that the car is paid for you can look forward to getting it home. Our fee is €295 and transport is €450, both of which will come from the deposit. The remainder is subtracted from the balance due on the car. We will send you an email confirming all the details around the deposit and balance due once a purchase is complete.

The process you have gone through will have helped you buy the best quality car on offer. Between the various reports and our excellent inspection team, there will be little to worry about. Having insurance, though, is always helpful and in the unlikely event of an issue, a warranty will look like great value. We only offer the best warranty’s and MAPFRE are acknowledged as a world leader. Our standard Warranty is the Premium Powertrain policy for €295. Depending on the mileage and year additional cover can be purchased for a further €100. Their policies can be viewed here. Their customer service is excellent and our support is assured. In the case of a claim please follow the claims procedure on page 10 here, of course you can contact us to support you or for more information.

Sterling has weakenend considerably and big savings are to be made again. I have customers that have saved as much as €10,000 on a 2015 Volvo XC60, €7,000 on a 2015 Audi A4, €4,000 on a 2012 BMW 520D, €3,000 on a 2013 Ford Focus, €2,500 on a 2011 high mileage Passat CC GT and so on. Assured quality and huge savings shouldn’t be missed.

At ukcarimports we offer a service to buy a car at auction on your behalf. This service agreement becomes active once the deposit is completed by the client. We are aware this is a big investment and people do change their minds, however, considerable time and effort goes into preparation for bidding and personnel have to be allocated days in advance to complete the buying process which can take most of day. We are happy to take this cost on board in the instance of an unsuccessful bid, where perhaps the budget was insufficient but the agreement was completed in ‘good faith’. In the case of a cancelled bid we will charge our fee. Just to clarify, if your bid is unsuccessful (ie you go to auction but did not buy a car) then we waive our fee and you receive your full deposit back. If you decide to cancel having made the deposit then we will charge our fee to cover our costs incurred in the preparation for bidding. To avoid any issues please make sure to contact us and agree a budget before making the deposit, this helps avoid the need to cancel.

Having spent 5 years building ukcarimports into a national brand our experience in offering guidance on pricing is important to our clients. It saves time and disappointment. We do offer free advice on the budget you should have for a specific car at auction. We also offer advice on the technical side of the vehicle and furthermore, our system provides unique VRT information. Our service only allows this investment of time if our advice on budgets is heeded. If you wish to set your own budget then this can be facilitated. Our fee of €295 stands where clients decide to set their own bidding budgets, this fee is due whether your bid is successful or not. We only waive that charge were a potential buyer goes to auction with our recommended maximum budget (usually Guide +10% unless there is some issue with the car) and does not buy the car despite heeding our recommendation.

While we don’t offer our own finance solution we can recommend the best finance institution for a buying a car through our service. Irish banks and most credit houses have quite restrictive terms on their car loans. The main restriction is that the loan can only be drawn down against a vehicle registered on Irish plates. The reason for this is simple, the bank wants an Irish asset (your car!) as collateral in the scenario a borrower defaults. In their calculation a UK registered car can be removed from the state and therefore beyond their reach. The one exception is the Irish Credit Union, as a member you must have savings to qualify for a loan, your savings are their collateral. Upwards of 30% of vehicles bought through are service are financed with Credit Union loans. If you are not a member of a credit union then get in touch today and start saving, then, when you come to buy your next car you can avail of their loans and get the best value available through UK CAR IMPORTS. You can find out more about Credit Union Car Loans here

Our premises is located just off the M50. We have storage capacity for all vehicles being bought through our auction buyer service. Storage can be facilitated for as long as is required for us to complete VRT. We also do our best to hold onto vehicles until owners are ready to collect. Storage is free, we do not charge. Vehicles are stored at the owners own risk and while ukcarimports does everything it can to ensure a safe and secure storage facility, including an 8ft fence ensclosing our lot and CCTV, we cannot be held liable for any damage that may occur due to a third party, however, unlikely that maybe. This is a standard arrangement as for supermarkets, carparks and other parking/storage facilities.