You can now finance your purchase through ukcarimports. Just click on the finance calculator button, located under the ‘Place a deposit’ button for each vehicle and select how much you plan to borrow, the calculator will list the term of the loan and your monthly repayment amount.

Our finance offering represents a unique service offer to the Irish buyer by providing funding for vehicles that are still on UK plates. Irish banks will typically require that the vehicle you wish to finance is registered on Irish plates before allowing you access to funds. Now you can access funds to buy a vehicle on UK plates allowing you greater choice and lower prices as you can choose from the entire UK market.

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VRT listed on our website includes a combination of CO2 and NOx related VRT. Estimates for CO2 VRT are generated using an Irish Revenue database and while not 100% accurate they have been listed for some 7 years on our site with about 90-95% accuracy. NOx VRT has no such database and must be checked manually. While many of the garages listed on our site do input NOx data it is a new process for them and NOx is not a ‘thing’ in the UK yet. Often figures are incorrectly uploaded in error. Irish Revenue should take responsibility for their own taxes by listing the amounts of NOx VRT due per car as they do with CO2 VRT, however, in the interim we have made our best effort to estimate the NOx VRT due.

We will only manually check VRT where VRT processing is selected in the services menu when you click on ‘Place a Deposit’. NOx VRT due is variable and while NOx VRT estimates post 2015 are representative, from 2014 backwards the estimates may be incorrect. We accept no liability for figures listed and you should confirm all VRT elements for yourself prior to purchasing.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for the basis on which we offer our services

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With busy lives and recent concerns around health and well being it may suit you to have your new car delivered to your door. All vehicles are transported to Dublin as standard in our service offer. Home delivery can be arranged for a time and place that suits you. So If you live in Cork, Limerick, Galway, Donegal or anywhere else in between and prefer to have your car delivered then let us know and we can let you know a more accurate quote. Our fully insured service starts from €250. Distances above 150 kms from Dublin port will be charged at €300 for home delivery.

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Our ‘trade in’ processing service provides a number of advantages over selling yourself

  • For the first time it allows you to use the value in your car against the price of a UK import
  • We offer the same prices for trade ins, as most garages do
  • You drop your old car with us the day you collect your new car from us. You are never without a car
  • Interested? then read on….

    Trade in processing

    Get a price for the vehicle you wish to trade in. Companies that offer payments for vehicles can be found readily on Google eg www.autobuy.ie www.usedcarbuyer.ie .There are more than listed here. We are not affiliated with any given company so choose the one that suits you best.

    If you are happy with the price on offer then we will allow the offer amount against the price of the vehicle you are after from our site. Simply send on the offer email you have received. To confirm the details of your trade in vehicle we will need to complete a mechanical inspection* of the vehicle, this can be arranged at your home or location of work, be sure we will be helpful and flexible on this!

    Then forward the details of the car you are interested in on www.ukcarimports.ie by clicking on the ‘Place a Deposit’ button and include the services you require. We will let you know if the car is still available and how to make the deposit if you want to proceed. The deposit is €1,000 for a vehicle up to €20,000 in value and €2,000 for a vehicle above that value.

    *Please note there is a €200 surcharge to cover the inspection costs required with our trade in processing service. It makes sense!

    Processing a purchase through our service remains as described in our video except you will see an allowance for the trade in on your invoice against the balance due. Once the vehicle arrives in Ireland then you simply drop your current vehicle to us when collecting your new car. We will complete the sale of your old car to the company you received your trade in quote from. No hassle, seriously. Simple!

    Scrapping your car

    Simply drop your old car with us when picking up your new car from us and we will process the scrapping of your old car.

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    The VRT rebate available, if any, is now listed for each vehicle.

    Revenue calculates VRT using an estimated value of the imported car, this estimated value is based on the mileage an average petrol or diesel vehicle does per month. If the vehicle has done more than average that will reduce the estimated value of the car for the Revenue calculation of VRT. As VRT is calculated as a % of the value of the car then a car with higher than average mileage has lower VRT due than listed on the Revenue VRT calculator. Yes its complicated and it took us a while to figure out but the reclaim is real!

    The difference can be reclaimed and we can assist you in doing that

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    STEP 1

    The Details

    We provide a safe (reduced financial and personal risk) service. Yeah it sounds opportunistic but its the truth.

    Please avail of the information on ukcarimports.ie to select a vehicle. Including reviewing:

    • Photo’s & specifications listed.
    • Equipment listings.
    • MOT status, the MOT is the NCT equivalent in the UK. Don’t forget the first MOT is not due until 3 years after the first registration date.
    • Motor tax rates.
    • Price, which includes an accurate VRT estimate. We are the only company that provides accurate VRT for UK registered cars.
    • Condition and/or mechanical inspection reports are available for all Auction vehicles sourced from British Car Auctions
    • For Retail sourced vehicles, you can order a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle condition and mechanics that will be completed following a deposit.
    • We guarantee the details in the inspection reports so your car will arrive as described.
    • Other service options include Transport to Dublin and beyond (from €149), VRT processing or assistance with VRT processing and Warranty cover for Ireland
    • And of course now we have our unique ‘Trade-In Service’ so you can set the price of your old car against the new car you buy with us.

    We will also complete a full history check on any retail vehicle if one is not already in place. Auction vehicles are pre-checked by the auction houses ahead of being accepted in for sale, their reports are available for viewing on our website.

    STEP 2

    Making a Decision

    The buying process is straight forward enough – first, choose the car you would most like to buy. Review the information available, pricing, motor tax, MOT data and equipment. While prices for Auction vehicles are not fixed, prices for retail vehicles are. If the car you have selected has ‘Auction’ printed on the cover photo then please allow a budget of ‘Trade Price’ +5%.

    UK cars remain competitively priced, buyers are saving between 10% and 30% depending on the make and model. For many, the higher specification, greater choice and quality on offer are often equally as important as the savings that are to be made. Our clients are more informed when making a decision on a vehicle as we provide VRT inclusive prices, and now NOx too!. Equipment specifications, MOT data, motor tax and unique mechanical/condition reports or an inspection where required.

    Vehicles to be Auctioned, have already had a mechanical or condition report completed. Retail vehicles have pre-inspection reports listed, these will be completed by our inspector, on instruction, after the deposit is made.

    Once the inspection is complete you will be updated with a report from our mechanic. We guarantee the details will be as described on the condition and mechanical reports when the vehicle is delivered.

    STEP 3

    Making a Purchase

    Once you have decided on which car you want to buy then you should Click on Place a Deposit. Simply enter your contact details and select the services you require. You will not be asked to complete the deposit immediately, we conduct preliminary investigations on the vehicle before giving the go ahead by email to complete the deposit.

    To make the deposit, you can access our bank details through this link.

    On completion of the deposit you should email us a screenshot of the online payment, this will allow us to book a mechanical & condition inspection for the vehicle if you have selected that service.

    The deposit is €1,000 for a car up to €20,000 in total value, and a €2,000 deposit for a car value above that, for some higher priced vehicles we may require a larger deposit. We will discuss this in advance if it’s relevant.

    Where a Mechanical & Condition inspection is yet to be commissioned, please allow up to 4 days for the report to be completed. The mechanics report will be sent by email on completion.

    STEP 4


    Payment of the balance due should be completed within 3 days of the date of purchase. Once the payment of the balance is confirmed either by a screenshot of the online payment or arrival of funds in our account, we will complete the purchase of your new vehicle.

    Clients can also process the payment to us in Sterling as we hold a company Sterling account. Please let us know in advance if you plan to pay in sterling.

    STEP 5

    Services Provided

    To view service options including Transport, Transport form Dublin Onwards ,Retail Vehicle Inspection, VRT processing or Warranty Cover please click onPlace a Deposit. You can add or remove service options to give you the final total.

    Warranty Options

    We offer a range of warranty cover, a policy can offer cover from 3 months to 2 years. Details of the cover on offer can be viewed here.

    • Premium Max (€395) – for vehicles less than 6 years old and less than 100,000kms (62,500 miles)
    • Premium Plus (€395) – for vehicles less than 8 years old and less than 150,000kms (93,750 miles)
    • Premium Component (€395) – less than 10 years old and less than 200,000kms (125,000 miles)
    • Premium Powertrain (€295) – less than 12 years old and less than 225,000kms (140,625 miles)

    VRT Processing Assistance

    We can help you complete VRT registration for free. We will ensure you have all the documents you need to complete the registration of your new car in Ireland, on Irish plates. We can use our expertise to advise you through the process making it a seamless as possible. If you still are unsure then you can select our VRT processing service in the ‘Place a Deposit’ window.


    Our standard transport offering is to Dublin Port, beyond that we deliver country wide from €149. Please provide the Eircode to get a specific quote

    STEP 6


    The delivery window is 7-10 days from the date of purchase. UK transport companies offer a delivery ‘window’ rather than a date. We are informed about a day before delivery. Once we have a delivery date we will contact you to provide instructions on how to collect the vehicle from Dublin Port. If you have selected our VRT processing service then collection will be from our depot in Baldoyle.

    Before collection you should organise insurance using the UK number plate if applicable. Most Irish insurance companies will insure a UK registered car for up to 30 days to allow time for the VRT registration to be completed.

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    Purchase Manager

    With up to 300,000 online daily we provide the largest selection of used cars to the Irish market. However, if you find a vehicle elsewhere than ukcarimports.ie and would like us to manage the purchase then we can help.

    Our fee to manage the purchase with the UK garage, on your behalf, provide a mechanical inspection and history check, transport your new vehicle to Dublin and complete the VRT registration is €1,800.

    There are many pitfalls when buying from the UK, having the correct documentation for registration and MOT transfer is essential to a successful purchase. Our service is tried and trusted and will provide you with a cost effective way to access the UK market.

    To utilise our service simply copy and paste the web address of the car you wish to purchase into an email and send it to us. You can do this through the ‘contacts’ tab on the main menu. We’ll get back to you after a check on the availability of the vehicle.

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    Nothing as such, you can try again or get your full deposit returned. We operate a ‘no car no fee’ service.

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    While we don’t take details from buyers and actively look for vehicles in the UK, we do have a subscription service you can receive notifications for. Simply select the make and model in the filter on the used car page https://ukcarimports.ie/used-cars/ and you will see an orange banner with ‘Subscribe to notifications on this search’. Simply select whatever parameters you wish, enter your details and you will receive email notifications when cars matching the filter variables you selected appear on ukcarimports.ie.

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    Our fee is included in the Trade Price listed. Additional service fees can be selected in the ‘Place a Deposit’ window – when you click on the button. Transport to Dublin (€395), Home Delivery (€250 up to 150kms from Dublin Port, €300 beyond that), VRT Processing (€295), Vehicle Inspection – for retail cars only (€295) or Warranty Cover (€295-€395) can be selected and ordered through the ‘Place a Deposit’ window

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    This is an important point. Each vehicle is listed with either a date at which point the vehicle will no longer be available or open ended availability. Our site draws together vehicles from a number of trusted suppliers and some list a date by which time the vehicle will be sold, typically auction houses selling ex-lease vehicles.

    We buy both retail and auction vehicles and both are held to the highest standards.

    Others are more traditional and place the vehicle on the market until it is sold. Its just a matter of different business models. When you decide on a vehicle to buy, do pay heed to the availability and if there is an offer end date/auction date please get your deposit in a day before, otherwise the vehicle will be no longer be available.

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    The Condition and Mechanical reports are extremely reliable, however, for total reassurance we Guarantee the car will arrive as described based on the Condition and/or the Mechanical Report. We advise all our clients to protect their investment with our 12 month warranty. Details of our warranty are given on our home page.

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    Vehicles are transported to Dublin Port as standard. A nationwide service is available from €250 for delivery of up to 150kms from Dublin Port and €300 beyond that. We cover the country.

    Separate collection arrangements are made for those who do not select VRT processing.

    From the date of purchase transport takes about 7 days, without VRT processing. With VRT processing allow another 7 days due to VRT appointment timing.

    Our transport service provides full cover for the transport of your vehicle to Dublin and beyond.

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    Used UK cars on www.ukcarimports.ie are physically located in the UK. The vehicles advertised are in stock at a wide group of UK dealers and also at UK auction houses.

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    We offer a range of warranty cover, a policy can offer cover from 3 months to 2 years. Details of the cover on offer can be viewed here.

    • Premium Max (€395) – for vehicles less than 6 years old and less than 100,000kms (62,500 miles)
    • Premium Plus (€395) – for vehicles less than 8 years old and less than 150,000kms (93,750 miles)
    • Premium Component (€395) – less than 10 years old and less than 200,000kms (125,000 miles)
    • Premium Powertrain (€295) – less than 12 years old and less than 225,000kms (140,625 miles)

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    Auction vehicles come with a condition report in which the external and internal condition of the car is graded. You can read more about auction grading here. Basically any listed item under 100 mm is hard to see without knowing it’s there.

    Most Auction vehicles will come with a mechanical report but not all, to assess an auction vehicles state of mechanical condition we use 3 sources of information, the service history, a mechanical report and the MOT (UK NCT). If a vehicle has 2 of the 3 mechanical checks listed, the vehicle is considered mechanically sound.

    Don’t forget a UK vehicle is not due its first MOT until 3 years after its first registered. Cars less than 3 years old will not have an MOT.

    Retail inspections are optional. These are completed following an order for an inspection. The inspection will then be completed by our inspector upon the confirmation of a deposit. The inspection report is sent on by email once complete.

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    We guarantee your car will arrive as described in the inspection reports. In the unlikely event there is a shortfall in the condition or mechanics in comparison to the inspection report, we promise to bring your car up to the standard described in the inspection report.

    We also offer a range of warranty cover, a policy can offer cover from 3 months to 2 years.

    • Premium Max (€395) – for vehicles less than 6 years old and less than 100,000kms (62,500 miles)
    • Premium Plus (€395) – for vehicles less than 8 years old and less than 150,000kms (93,750 miles)
    • Premium Component (€395) – less than 10 years old and less than 200,000kms (125,000 miles)
    • Premium Powertrain (€295) – less than 12 years old and less than 225,000kms (140,625 miles)

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    Auction vehicles have an ‘Auction’ label on their main photo. Auction vehicles also have an auction date listed and the company selling the vehicle. Auction prices are variable and can exceed the prices listed, we will advise on current trends in pricing ahead of purchase. Our source of vehicles is of the highest quality, we have been buying vehicles from BCA for over 10 years and we guarantee the vehicle will arrive as per the inspection reports.

    Retail vehicles are sourced from retail traders throughout the UK. We offer to provide an inspection report which we guarantee.

    Both types of vehicles are of the highest quality available in the UK and come with our guarantee that they will arrive as described in their relevant inspection reports.

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    In short yes, as many as 25% of used car sales in the US are conducted online. Buyers want value for money for a quality safe purchase and online platforms have moved to meet those needs. The comprehensive inspection reports we provide means you will have all the information you need ahead of purchase. From mechanical condition to service details and a history check we will ensure our service provides the best standard in customer protection. We guarantee your car will arrive as described in our vehicle inspection reports and we offer a range of post purchase warranty options to suit your vehicle.

    We are in ukcarimports have been doing this for 6 years online and about 10 years in total. Its possible to see reviews on our business here. Google reviews unlike other eg Feefo cannot be altered by the company being reviewed and are a fairer reflection of the service on offer. Anyone who has used our service has been happy with our service and that’s because the quality of vehicles on offer is guaranteed by us. With that guarantee you can buy with confidence when using our service.

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    There are 2 origins for vehicles listed onsite, one group are auction vehicles the other are Retail ie from a UK garage. By nature auction prices are not fixed and depending on the vehicle may go above the price listed. We will offer free advice on auction prices for any auction vehicle.

    The UK used car industry is very competitive, with over 15,000 dealers and 500,000 used cars for sale there is a lot of choice. UK dealers tend to advertise prices as competitively as they can. Many dealers make their margin on used cars by providing a financial package with the car. On top of that buyers on our site tend to select the lowest priced vehicle on offer, these vehicles are already discounted and impossible to get further discounts on, in fact many garages in the UK have started charging an administrative fee of around £200 which often isn’t included in the list price. In short I have bought £40,000 cars from main dealers who would not offer me even £100 of a discount. Hence why the prices we list are fixed.

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    Auction vehicle prices are dynamic by definition, we can help you set a budget for a particular make and model.

    Some retail vehicles include an administration fee levied by the UK garage, often this fee is only disclosed on engagement with the UK Dealer. Others will advertise cars up to £500 below the ‘cash’ price on the basis you take their finance option. Basically they are finance companies making money by lending money rather than selling cars, nothing untoward but a different business model. We will advise you if such a fee is due on the vehicle you wish to purchase.

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    VRT processing is the process by which a UK car is registered in Ireland with Irish plates. We can assist you to do this yourself, free of charge.

    We will ensure you have all the documents you need to do the VRT in your own time and will provide a check list of items you need and guidance to help you get your new Irish registration plate.

    If you do want us to complete registration then simply click the VRT processing service option in the ‘Place a Deposit’ window.

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    Alot of buyers of UK vehicles have been caught out in the past on VRT. You can avoid this hazard when using our service.

    ukcarimports.ie provides a VRT estimate included in the price with every car listed, these estimates are derived using the Revenue VRT database, this database is provided directly by the Irish Revenue Commissioners, the same database used for Revenue’s VRT calculator. We can provide confirmation of the VRT amount for a vehicle when you complete the deposit.

    We are the only company to include accurate VRT estimates with UK based cars and we are Irish!. Buying with us helps support Irish business and allows us to invest more in providing home based jobs.

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    A UK registered vehicle is due its first MOT 3 years after its registration date, in Ireland the first NCT is after 4 years. Cars younger than 3 years old will not have an MOT. Vehicles between 3 and 4 years old will have an MOT but will not need an NCT until the 4 year anniversary of the first registration. Please remember this when you are looking for details on a vehicle listed on our site.

    From May 20th 2018, if you import a second hand vehicle from another EU Member State (UK for now!) which was tested on or after that date (20th May 2018) and the vehicle has a current EU Roadworthiness Certificate (MOT), you can have the unexpired portion of the certificate recognised by exchanging your out-of-state road worthiness certificate for an Irish issued EU recognition certificate (NCT).

    Please see a link to the new law on the interchangability between the MOT and NCT. Essentially this means you can exchange the MOT for an NCT certificate, hence changing the MOT cert to an NCT cert. Your vehicle will not need an NCT test until the current MOT expires.

    Put simply, if a UK car has MOT that is ‘in date’ your car qualifies for an Irish NCT for the remainder of the MOT. We can assist in the exchange process from MOT to NCT, free of charge.

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    Absolutely not, the UK has treated fraud much more seriously over the years than has the Irish government. Knowingly selling a car that is clocked or a write off has been illegal in the UK since the introduction of the new Fraud Act in 2006.

    Unlike Ireland the UK authorities implement these laws and there are many examples of car dealers and private individuals that have been prosecuted for selling clocked cars. Cartell draws attention to the difference in attitude to prosecuting car fraud in the UK vs Ireland here. Clocking was legal in Ireland up until Jan 15th 2014! Read the Irish Times here

    Despite this no prosecutions have been brought against any dealer in Ireland to date.

    In the UK they have the National Mileage Register (NMR) which is owned and run by HPI Ltd, this register contains over 140 million mileages for the UK car stock. Every time a history check is completed on a car the person requesting the history check must input the current mileage on the car, should a lower mileage, for example, be entered for a 3 year old car than was entered a 1 year before by another person buying a history check on that car then a warning is placed on the vehicle and an NMR check is required to remove the warning.

    The NMR check will contact the other individuals that have input the different mileages to establish the facts and a report is then produced. This provides unique information to UK car buyers in advance of buying.

    No such database exists for Irish cars.

    Other methods of checking mileage include MOT and NCT records, in the UK a new car has its first MOT after 3 years, in Ireland the NCT only occurs after 4 years. UK cars appear on the system earlier than Irish cars which means they are easier to check.

    It is much easier to clock a car with no records and again the risk in Ireland is mainly for new cars upto 4 years old, because there are no records of them to check against. In general there are much better systems in place to prevent car fraud in the UK than Ireland and the laws they have, are in place for longer and importantly, they are enforced. That doesn’t stop car clocking but it makes it much more difficult to do in the UK than Ireland.

    Cartell and Motorcheck have spent a small fortune in marketing trying to scare the Irish public about UK Cars, this focus on UK Cars is groundless and if anything an Irish car provides a much greater risk. Marketing is not about facts but about selling car history checks! They do it very well!

    Ask yourself, which system would you prefer to buy from, the Irish or UK system?

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    Payment of the deposit is by electronic transfer only. For auction cars, please only send a deposit after we have set a budget.

    You can indicate your intention to process the deposit for a retail vehicle with your ‘Place a deposit’ submission.

    The deposit is €1,000 for a vehicle under €20,000 in value and €2,000 for a vehicle above €20,000 in value.

    You can access our bank details through this link

    To help with identification please include your name on the payment of the deposit.

    If you could send on a screen shot of the completed deposit that will let me go ahead and bid/book the inspection in advance of the deposit clearing in our account

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    At ukcarimports we offer a service to buy a car on your behalf. This service agreement becomes active once the deposit is completed by the client. We are aware this is a big investment and people do change their minds, however, considerable time and effort goes into the preparation and completion of the inspection and purchase process and personnel have to be allocated days in advance to complete the buying process which can take most of a day. Auction bid cancellation incurs a €295 charge. For clarity a failed bid where the price exceeds budget does not incur a charge. Where preparation for a bid has been completed and the client cancels then the charge is due.

    Our charge to complete an inspection is €295, should the inspection show up significant issues we will still charge our fee. Where a car is rejected and the Inspection Report is up to retail standard and any issues are cheaply resolvable, a fee of €395 will be due. In the absence of a purchase due to a change of mind rather than a technical issue, we reserve the right to charge full cost for the Inspection service.

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    Once VRT is paid and the registration is complete, you should then pay your motor tax online. The Irish logbook will follow in the post a week or so after the tax disk. You will need the logbook before you can complete the NCT unless of course, you have a UK MOT certificate.

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    Auction vehicles are history checked prior to being admitted to auction. A history check will cover a range of information including any history of previous issues like a vehicle having been written off ie crashed, stolen or having finance outstanding. Most auction vehicles come from lease companies and have previously been on finance (lease) arrangements, sometimes the final lease payment is still in the process of being processed when a vehicle is sold and can be still listed with finance outstanding. To counter any concerns it is quite straight forward to contact the lease company and have an email confirming the lease company has no further interest in the vehicle.

    History checks are in place for most retail vehicles and we can complete a history check for a vehicle if not already done.

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