Online sales of UK used cars

Future growth in online sales of UK used cars with UK Car Imports

The migration to buying cars online is becoming a real alternative to showroom shopping. This is according to recent used car sales data from across the US and Europe.
  • An Accenture survey published on described the results from a survey of 10,000 people in the US, Europe and China. The survey results endorse the trend to buy online. 75% of US and Chinese buyers expressed a preference to buy online rather than attend a dealership. In Europe 40% of respondents expressed a similar preference. This trend will accelerate as buyers hear and read about the benefits from buying online. Online reviews, popular blogs and second hand experiences of buying online have already built trust in our company. With price savings from €2,000 to €10,000 the stream of online sales of UK used cars is set to become a flood.
  • The internet is informing us more about buying a car online. A McKinsey & Company Report ‘The Road to 2020 and beyond. What’s driving the automotive industry?’ published in 2012 explains this trend. The report quotes DAT German data that shows in 2000, 14% of Germans were influenced ‘significantly’ by online information when buying a car. This figure jumped to 70% by 2012. Indeed the same report describes how 50% of Germans are willing to buy a car over the internet without ever having seen the car in person.
  • Closer to home the UK market saw online sales of UK used cars jump by 35% in 2012. This trend is supported from data from trade supply channels. British Car Auctions, Europe’s largest car auction business, reported that in 2011, 20% of all UK used commercial sales came online. Online sales of UK used cars is the big growth area in a fairly static second hand market.
  • Reports across the internet describe the same trend with more buyers looking to buy online. Buyers do not look forward to haggling with sales men in multiple car dealerships. A trustworthy company, with competitive pricing and car inspection reports will drive future sales online.
  • UK Car Imports online sales platform has increased competition on the Irish market. UK Car Imports improved choice of quality UK used cars to the Irish car buyer by 30,000 vehicles a week. That’s 1 million new used UK cars a year. Confidence is key and our unique inspection reports from household names like the AA are crucial to our online sales of UK used cars. UK used cars on UK Car Imports are condition graded with inspection reports published with the details of each car.
  • Our online sales of UK used cars is driven by innovation and technology. We used cutting edge code to build a website platform more advanced than our local competitors like Carzone and Donedeal. Carzone UK also known as Autotrader fails to cater for Irish buyers. The site lacks VRT and Irish road tax information. Our platform includes a program to accurately allocate VRT and Irish road tax to every UK used car on UK Car Imports. Consequently our site is unique in that it is the only platform that provides a fully transparent price. This allows for efficient online sales of UK used cars.

Who are the people behind UK Car Imports?

Richard Smith, owner and managing director of UK Car Imports. I have a BSc in Molecular Genetics and Pharmacology from UCD and a Doctorate in Pharmacology from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Before setting up UK Car Imports, I spent 14 years in the area of sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals on the Irish Market. The last 4 years as Managing Director of Daiichi Sankyo Ireland, a Japanese company in the top 20 of Global Pharmaceutical sales. Look me up on LinkedIn.

My Managing Partner is Jason Duffy, a man with petrol is his blood, not quite the ‘stig’ but a family history in the motor trade going back to the 1920’s. Jason has more than 20 years of experience at every level of the auto industry. Jason moved to the UK in 1998 to develop the family business in the UK. He now runs one of the largest domestic and international car sourcing companies in the UK.

Our Company – UK Car Imports

Incorporated in July 2013 our company has grown over 4 years to become the largest import specialist in Ireland. In the financial year 2016 our sales exceeded €1 million for the first time. Our success as a specialist importer is due mainly to price and service. Our website platform is state of the art with a number of unique features. Our VRT program is a first and UK Car Imports remains the only platform with VRT added as standard for UK used cars. Our unique condition and mechanical inspection reports provide specialist appraisal of every car onsite.

Market trends suggest a bright future for technology driven sales of UK used cars. Macro developments like BREXIT’s effect on sterling has helped our business in the short term. With sterling so weak it’s surprising anyone buys in Ireland given the savings by sourcing a UK used car. If sterling should strengthen then we expect Irish second hand car prices to rise. The reason being that a lot of Irish dealers buy stock from the UK. They add on a margin so if the cost price of UK used cars goes up with a stronger sterling then so will prices on Irish car dealers forecourts. So used cars from the UK have always been cheaper regardless of the strength of sterling. Price, choice and the ease of buying online will grow our market share of the used car market in Ireland. By 2020 we expect to service 5% of the market for imported UK used cars.

Our innovation provides quality inspected UK used cars at the right price.

Our Values

Our reputation is important to us, ethics and integrity are basic necessities in modern business. It takes years to gain a reputation and minutes to lose it. In short we do what we say we will do.

We believe in taking responsibility, and we do things the right way. Our business depends on it.

Our Promise

Quality In the first 4 months of 2017 over 6,000 used UK cars were imported each month from the UK. With more equipment as standard and more comprehensive maintenance records UK used cars have set the standard in the Irish used car market. Our industry leading inspection reports provide the information you need to make a decision.

Choice UK Car Imports online platform brings 30,000 new UK used cars a week to the Irish market. That’s 1 million extra UK used cars to choose from a year.

Price We offer the lowest prices across most makes and models. With VRT now included for each car on UK Car Imports. It is easier than ever to compare our prices to those on Carzone and calculate the savings on offer.